Heading into your last semester of nursing school you may be excited, nervous and a number of other emotions. What you don’t want to be is unprepared. Here is a list of some things you should begin to do the last semester of nursing school:

  • If you don’t already know, start thinking about what type of nursing you’d like to do.
  • Think about where you might like to work and live after graduation. Start researching hospitals/facilities/home health agencies in these areas to find ones that fit you. Some applications come out in February or March and are only open for a certain amount of time, so its important to start this part as early as you can!
  • Ask for letters of recommendation from professors – more advice on this coming soon!
  • Think about creating a portfolio with resume, writing sample, reference list, letters of recommendation, copies of all certifications, and other nursing related items. Not all schools require this, but it helps when going to interviews.
  • Buy yourself a NCLEX prep book if you don’t already have one and start to do questions daily. Even if you have no idea what the question is about it’s important to get used to the style of questions.
  • This is usually the semester where capstones/practicums happen so thinking about what area you’d like that to be in is also important.
  • Work on your resume and have it looked over here at RNDeer (http://www.rndeer.com/services/) or through your career center at school.

Finally, be proud of yourself! You’ve come a long way and have undoubtedly grown as a person and as a nurse. You will make it through this semester. 


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