I don’t know about you, but buying scrubs can be difficult. It’s hard to know where to look to find which ones will fit you best and be the most comfortable for a good price. So, we had Courtney Wolf from Scrubadoo write a little bit about popular scrub brands, so you can make the choice that is best for you!

Here at Scrubadoo, we realize there are SO many brands of scrubs to choose from that you are probably wondering if it even matters which one you buy. Well, there are some major differences. Many brands differ by sizes, prints, material, cuts, and fit. So here is a breakdown of each brand so you can discover which brand is the best fit for you!



Cherokee is probably the most well-known and largest brand of scrubs. The Cherokee WorkWear line is the most popular line they sell. This line tends to be your basic cuts and styles. There isn’t a lot of flash but they are made to last, priced right, and are always available. You don’t need to worry about finding a scrub you love and it being discontinued a month or two later. Cherokee has a reputation for being consistent and dependable! Cherokee Flexibles are another small Cherokee collection that has stretchy side panels. There isn’t a lot of variety here, but the material is brushed and a little more comfortable then the WorkWear line. The side panels also provide a feature no other brand has.



Gelscrubs is a must have in any medical professional’s closet! What makes Gelscrubs unique is that they are the only brand that produces and sells collegiate team scrubs. Sport your alma mater at work while wearing a set of scrubs that has signature double top-stitching that is virtually indestructible!



Urbane, a member of the Landau family, was one of the first two major brands we carried on Scrubadoo.com. Urbane scrubs are 100% women’s styles and cuts. However, there are no men’s Urbane scrubs. This allows them to really concentrate on feminine fit & style. Urbane’s signature Sweetheart Tunic uses front elasticized shoulder shirring and center back elastic for shaping. Available in sizes XS-2XL.



One of the oldest and most tried and true scrub brands out there, Landau is truly a staple in the uniform industry. It is one of the few brands that can compete with Cherokee as far as breadth and depth of products available. The traditional Landau scrubs have a great soft feel to them, especially after a wash. They are long lasting and have a signature stretch quality that makes them breathable. If price is your primary concern, Landau has recently re-worked their ScrubZone line of scrubs. They are a little less expensive than the Cherokee line, and also a little lighter weight material.



Dickies Scrubs are known for being tough and long lasting. Like Cherokee they have a variety of lines to choose from. The “every day scrubs” line is very, very comparable to the Cherokee WorkWear line; it offers many of the same styles, great price point, and durability. Dickies has a new line out called “enzyme washed” scrubs. If you want to find a product that is super soft at a very reasonable price, then give these a chance.



One of the more popular fashion scrubs that we carry at Scrubadoo.com is Baby Phat scrubs. Baby Phat scrubs are a great option if you are looking for something a little different from your standard every day unisex options. The most popular Baby Phat scrubs come from the wide variety of animal prints that are offered. They are definitely a great way to stand out and break up your normal rotation.

Nursing Love <3

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