It’s a fact of life these days that many people choose to take legal action against others. Sometimes these actions are justified, but there are often times where someone is defending themselves for something unreasonably brought to court.

Don’t think you’ll get ever have to worry about getting sued as a nurse? Think again! The longer you practice, the higher the chance that you’ll be named in a lawsuit. Even if you’re a great, compassionate nurse following your Scope of Practice and Standards of Care, you could still be named in a case and have to navigate through the headache of a legal battle.

Personal liability coverage also provides legal representation in case you are trying to defend your license before the BON. It also usually covers good Samaritan actions or volunteer work.

Many employers do cover their nurses with the institution’s own malpractice insurance. The problem with this scenario, though, is that you will be represented by the employer’s attorneys. If it suits the employer’s best interest to not adequately fight for you, as the nurse, you may find yourself being scapegoated!

Most yearly rates for nursing malpractice are around $90. These usually offer 1,000,000/6,000,000 policy coverage. In our litigious society, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!


Eric is a cardiac ICU nurse in Texas. To compensate for a completely inside-job, he spends his free time running around outside with his 4 yr old German Shepherd, Kita - with breaks to check in on here! ;)

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